About Us

Archos Technology’s multi-faceted skill sets allow its customers to achieve savings through more effective implementation and use of technology. Our experience with technology development allows a company to realize easy scalability whether you are the entrepreneur working by yourself in a garage or a 300+ employee enterprise with multiple offices. The ability to understand the differences and know what technology is the best fit is the difference between realizing full potential of your business and being hindered by the limits of your technology.

Our approach is to perform discovery with you, to understand what it is that you do or understand what it is that you wish to accomplish. Then we recommend different technologies and present cost and risk analysis so that you can make an educated decision about the direction you want to go.

Once you have made a decision, we take over and implement it. We do not stop there; we take the time to train you on that technology so that you can be an expert at using it. We do not abandon you; rather we maintain the technology seeing to regular maintenance as well as updates so that it stays at its highest possible performance.


Key attributes that a company should look for when selecting an IT consultant:


  1. Detailed assistance – Someone who will help a client in the discovery process to align the correct technology as a tool, in order to help achieve that company’s mission statement and goals.
  2. Leadership experience – Consultants who direct their clients to see success through the effective use of technology, in order to achieve its goals and mission statement.
  3. Knowledgeable experts who will share their expertise on a wide variety of solutions to problems by presenting many different angles.
  4. Effective trainers who are able to work with your employees to take the discovery process and meld it with their expertise to develop highly efficient solutions.
  5. Responsible guides that will take ownership of a problem and see it thru to completion.
  6. Supportive technicians who could supplement internal staff.
  7. Sharp observers who have the ability to see technical problems objectively and recommend or implement solutions to correct these problems.
  8. Educated instructors who are certified to train your users and employees on the technology so that they could use it more efficiently.
  9. Broadening options – The ability to be scalable.
  10. Productivity specialists who have the ability to take disparate technologies and blend them together to make you more efficient.