Implementation Services

We can implement many solutions that you require for your business. Here are just a few examples:

  • On-Premise hardware
    • Computers
    • Servers
      • Windows Servers
      • Linux Servers
      • Citrix Servers
    • Virtualization
      • Microsoft Hyper-V
      • VM Ware
      • Citrix XEN Server
    • Routers
    • Switches
    • Phones
    • Security Cameras
    • POS systems
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  • Client Applications
    • Microsoft Office
    • Autodesk
    • Microstation
    • Third party Applications
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  • Server Applications
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • Microsoft Exchange Server
    • Domain Controllers
      • Active Directory
      • DNS
      • WINS
    • Internet Information Services
    • Microsoft SharePoint
    • Various Accounting systems
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  • Cloud Services
    • Office 365 Implementations
      • Hosted Exchange mail solutions
      • Hosted SharePoint solutions
      • Hosted Communication Server
      • Hosted Document Server
    • Azure and Active Directory services
    • Cloud storage solutions
    • Web Design
      • Flat sites
      • Extranets
      • Intranets
      • E-Commerce sites
      • Inventory control sites
    • CRM solutions
    • Business Intellegence solutions
    • SAP ERP
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Optimization Management

Optimization management ensures that your computers and servers are operating as good as they did the day you purchased them. We keep them clean and performance tuned so that you can get the most out of the tools you use. Here are a few things that we do to optimize your environment:

  • Hard disk cleanup
  • Drive optimization and/or defragmentation
  • Proactive patch management
  • Proactive 3rd Party patch management
  • Proactive Antivirus monitoring / prevention / removal
  • Proactive Anti Malware monitoring / prevention / removal
Systems Management

We have enterprise class NOC management solution that allow us to keep your systems at their best. Our process is simple and it is a five step process:

  • On-Board – We inventory your business systems
  • Manage – Install or remove software or applications as needed. we recommend life cycle replacement intervals for all systems. We help you with strategic planning so this does not break the bank.
  • Protect – We protect your assets by ensuring that they are fully protected by our Antivirus software and Anti Malware software. Additionally, we make sure your systems are up to date on all patches and security fixes.
  • Optimize – We keep your systems lean and mean by performing any recurring maintenance that helps performance.
  • Assess – Once we perform everything else, we assess what has been done to ensure that it is doing what what needs to be done. We generate reports and give you those reports each month to see what has been done.
  • Repeat the five steps
Technology Management

Here we look at the big picture. We determine if your systems and procedures are helping you to achieve your mission. We make recommendations on how to make things more efficient.

Configuration and Compliance

Do you know what software and licenses are deployed on what machines? Do you know if you are overdeployed which can cost you thousands of dollars in fines? Are you in an industry that is governed by regulatory compliance acts? Is the threat of audit always looming? Stop worrying and let us quickly generate reports of every license key and every serial number in your organization. You cannot know where you are deficient until you have an inventory. We can provide those on a monthly bases or more if required. We can audit your enterprise  and make sure that you are compliant with your HIPAA, SOX GLBA or other compliance as required.

How to Choose an IT Consultant

The most important qualities that a company should be looking for when selecting an IT consultant are:

  1. Help its client in the discovery process to align the correct technology as a tool to help achieve that company’s mission statement and goals.
  2. Help that client to see success thru effective use of technology to achieve its goals and mission statement.
  3. The ability to get expertise on a very wide variety of solutions to problems from many different angles.
  4. The ability to work with your employees to take the discovery process and meld it with the expertise to develop highly efficient solutions.
  5. The taking of ownership of a problem and seeing it thru to completion.
  6. Supplement internal staff
  7. The ability to see technical problems objectively and recommend or implement solutions to correct these problems.
  8. The ability to train your users and employees on the technology so that they use it more efficiently.
  9. The ability to be scalable
  10. The ability to take disparate technologies and blend them together to make you more efficient.